Top five Fundamental Steps For How To Learn Spanish Efficiently

Published: 20th May 2009
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Once you've decided to start speaking Spanish, the possibilities seem limitless. You probably do not expect that it will be a breeze, but how can it be that hard if kids pull it off so easily? For anyone who has been fluent in only one language for all of their life, language learning can be a strange and difficult experience. If you are truly committed to discovering how to learn Spanish easily, you should take the following five steps into account.

1. Know Your Style Of Learning To Make The Process Easier

Everyone has different methods of learning and with language learning in particular, you need to know how your brain processes information best. There are three different methods of learning, and by knowing which one you most closely identify with, you will have a much easier time learning Spanish:

Visual - For Visual learners, reading is the best method for language learning. If you are a visual learner, you prefer to see something performed and to interact through an optical role.

Audio - Those who rely on auditory learning learn best by hearing something, and for language learning, this method includes hearing others speak the language.

Kinesthetic - Those who are more physically oriented and need to do something to learn it will learn best by talking to their peers or those who speak the language efficiently.

2. Find Studying Locations That Fit Your Learning Style To Ensure Comfort

Nothing is more important in learning Spanish than finding a good, comfortable location where your brain operates best. For some this is a secluded outdoor place with no one around. For others it is a roundtable with twenty other students. Still others enjoy a coffee shop with headphones on. Whatever choice you opt for, the right studying location will prepare your brain for learning by helping you feel comfortable.

3. Make A Study Schedule That Fits Into Your Day

Discovering how to learn Spanish should first and foremost begin with a schedule. You must have sensible expectations of yourself and stick to a schedule. Learning a new language and especially Spanish is something that needs to be regimented. If you skip a week or two, your brain will quickly start to let the past lessons slip away.

One tip is to break up your studying into small blocks of time throughout the day. This will allow you to practice Spanish often. You will begin to train your brain to think in that language consistently.

4. Form A Study Group And Practice Often With Friends and Peers

Practice is key to all language learning. Even if you are not feeling ready to converse, you will need to speak in Spanish to effectively improve your skills. You will create closer friendships through common learning and find it easier to learn.

5. Integrate The Spanish Language As Part Of Your Day

Just like breaking up your studying throughout the day, finding ways to include learning Spanish into your daily schedule can be a great way to help gain fluency faster. Try writing your grocery lists in Spanish. If you know someone who speaks it, ask them to help you practice. If you get time, try reading a newspaper or website in Spanish.

By following the simple steps listed above, you are guaranteed to excel. You will not only love learning Spanish, you will be much more effective in doing so.

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